>PINT ONHD :Vacation or Bust:



The Poetry Hour
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13 thoughts on “>PINT ONHD :Vacation or Bust:

  1. >Sigh….sounds like my Griswold life over in Crazy Town LOL….but at least you got something…my favourite b-day card to give our family & friends, given that we have 4 kids already, is a couple on the front & she's holding her tummy saying "Happy Birthday from the 3 of us!"…you open it & he's passed out on the floor & she's saying, "I love that joke!"! Gotten a few people with that one LOL! Found you thru Kristi at ONHD headquarters!:-))

  2. >No! No! No! OH NO HE DIDN'T!What a terrible start to your vacation. 😦 I'm glad you finally did get to go. As for the possibility of a future poopy baby…go for it! lol Thanks for playing again this week. It's great to have you back.Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama

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