>And the results of all your voting is in!!

>Thanks to all your wonderful votes, Jellybean won the school age division. Woot!! She will be loving the books and magazine subscription she will be receiving! As for Scooby, he had the 3rd highest votes overall. One of the other children that had the highest votes above him was in his category so he didn’t win, but WOW, 3rd highest points overall?!? How awesome is that?!? If you want to see all the winners, just go here. Stick around for awhile while you are there because Dumb Mom is awesome.

And we have you, my dear readers, to thank for that.

I know you have heard about my upcoming blog party. It’s for my 200th follower (which has already happened) and in celebration of my 100th post, and well, just because I like to party. I have an awesome guest poster lined up for you, 2 super fantastic items to give away, plus we are going to party our blogs off.

I know you want all the goods on this, but I am keeping it secret just a little bit longer. Buttons soon to appear in blogs near you…..

I do need your help though. I need you to tell me what you think would make this party awesome, perhaps some questions you want answered, or something you want me to talk about or do? I have my limitations, but they are few and far between, so if you really want to see me in a monkey suit singing The Star Spangled  Banner while eating a bowl of spiked jello….well….maybe SOME things are best left unseen…

So let’s hear it. Leave me some love and your ideas.


2 thoughts on “>And the results of all your voting is in!!

  1. >How about your top lessons/tips for blogging? Top 5 Mistakes I Wish I Hadn't Made (which could be from life in general)? Drama Mama doing the robot?

  2. >By questions do you mean questions we ask you…or better yet…we all submit questions for each other and then we each answer the lot of them. Or….how about instead of a monkey suit and the Star Spangled Banner…it could be a cat suit, cookie-dough and I'm a Little Tea Pot. 😉 Should be fun and I can't wait.

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