>A Down to Earth Minute for Monkey


 I know you’ve seen the cute button at the very top of my sidebar. This little girl’s name is Monkey. Her mom is a fellow blogger. Monkey was recently diagnosed with neuroblastoma, rocking Momma’s Pixie Dreams world. This family needs help and prayers, and many of us bloggers are rallying together to give her love and support in any way we can. I ask you to please take a moment and stop by her blog and make a new friend, read her stories (here and here), and when you’ve finished there, stop by Ian’s place at  a Daily Dose of Reality today to find out how you can join in on Mission Monkey. Even the smallest thing can provide the biggest support, no matter what it is. You can make monetary donations, if you so desire. Ian has the scoop on all that info.

As for me, I am offering your choice of
A. A blog makeover done by none other than The Drama Mama
B. Your badge displayed proudly on my sidebar (alone, at the top, under Monkey) for a whole month
C. The opportunity to guest blog on my site.

How do you become one of 7 lucky people to win? That’s easy. Just follow these instructions:

-follow Mama’s Pixie Dreams and leave a comment of love/support. Leave the link to where you commented here. (2 entries)
-add her badge to your blogroll. Leave a link to your site in your comment.  (1 entry)
-add Monkey’s badge to your sidebar (1 entry)
-tweet about Monkey (2 entries)
-post about Monkey on your blog (5 entries)
(make sure you leave a comment for each entry for them to count. If you have more than 1 blog, be sure to use a separate comment for each blog you participated with.)

*The raffle goes until the end of June, but my giveaway will refresh every week, giving more than 1 person a chance to win. I will use random.org every Wednesday to announce the winner.

This is not about me. This is about Monkey and her family. The fact of the matter is, though, that this COULD be my child. This could be ANYONE’S child (as was pointed out by Shell at Things I Can’t Say). There are just some things in life we cannot protect our children from, and this is the greatest. Won’t you take a Monkey Minute today and share some love? (Monetary donations are not a necessity, but if you are able to help this way, click on the button below)

Click on monkey to donate…please help!


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