>Becoming a Mother-Part 2


October 23, 2007 came with great anticipation. GC and I were ready and waiting on our little man, my first boy, his third. I had really, really wanted another girl. It took 3 ultrasounds to convince me he was, in fact, a boy. As the months went by though, I began to embrace the concept of having a son, and how much I would love him, and he, me.

This time I actually arrived at the hospital on time, if not 15 minutes early, again for my scheduled c-section. I was hooked up to the machines, and they noticed that I was having contractions, though they were mild. I did not feel any pain at all. In fact, I was living in euphoria. I could not wait to see which features of mine he had and which features of his dad he had. I was hoping for a blue eyed, deep dimpled child, and a blue eyed, deep dimpled child is exactly what I got.

From the moment he was pulled from my womb, he has taught me things. He has shown me how much I really love his father. He has shown me that it truly is possible for your heart to hold more love. I felt like my chest would burst and a million little cut-out confetti hearts would come floating out of me. He has taught me patience. He has taught me that boys are different from girls, and for all the hugs and kisses they will give you, they will match them in making your heart leap to your throat with their daredevil stunts. He has taught me how to face my fears, because he is fearless (most of the time). He has taught me, through his speech delay, how very precious the gift of speech really is.

He has also made me a better person. Because of him, I am better equipped to handle what life throws my way. Because of him, I am less of a pushover. Because of him, because of her, I am what I am today. I am a mother, and there is no other person I would want to be.

This post is a part of parenting By dummies Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful Photo Contest for Unbelievably Cute Kids.
Happy Mothers Day!!!

8 thoughts on “>Becoming a Mother-Part 2

  1. >He is gorgeous. You HAVE to win with this photo! He has the most beautiful eyes…and those eyelashes! I smiled when I read, "…it truly is possible for your heart to hold more love" because I wondered about that before my second daughter was born. And it didn't take more than two seconds of her life before I realized just how true that was.

  2. >Look at those beautiful eyes! How do you say no to that face?I just realized our kids are the same age. Javi was born Dec '00 and Bella in April '07. Yes, I'm slow.

  3. >It amazes me how different boys and girls are. Mine was born in 05. And he has been one crazy adventure after another.Happy Mother's Day to you.

  4. >That is one beautiful boy you have there. His eyes are gorgeous! And I loved the birth story. :)I stopped by from SITS to say hi and welcome.

  5. >Stopping by from SITS.Happy Mother's Day. I really had my heart set on raising girls (maybe because I have three sisters and am a TOTAL girly-girl), but now I adore the dynamic of having a "mixed-gender" family. My boys are probably more affectionate than my daughter LOL.Your little-ones are adorable 🙂

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