>Best Scoop of the Week- A Little Ellen Never Hurt Anyone


It’s Friday and you know what that means over here on The Scoop on Poop! Yes, thats right. It’s Feature Friday and this week’s Featured Blog is The Practical Mom Guide. There are so many reasons why I love this blog. She’s witty, she gives good practical advice, and has some really great giveaways too. Need more proof?  Just go here, here and here. I guarantee you won’t regret it. This is one awesome lady. I’ll even give you a little teaser. I asked her:

“If you could be anyone for one day, who would you be and why?”

Normally I would say I wouldn’t want to be any one other than myself but for one day I would live it up as Ellen DeGeneres.  I love her charisma.  In my life, I am pretty laid back and I think I have a tendency to “support” (I hate the term follow) rather than lead.  She is outrageous, hilarious, and she can dance!  She is confident and sure in who she is.  Not to mention she gets to interview some pretty amazing people. 

Okay, lets face it, it would also be nice to be adored by millions.  It would also be nice to have a team around me doing everything for me.  Maybe then I would be able to have my hair and makeup done (at the same time), clean clothes (with a toddler and an infant I would have to do about 5 wardrobe changes to make it to the end of the day in clean clothes), hot food (most days I would settle for warm), and a driver since I doubt Ellen has to drive herself anywhere (well maybe she does choose to since she does seem pretty down-to-earth).

If I had to choose a runner-up in case the wishes fairies couldn’t make me Ellen for the day since I am sure there would be a pretty long time of other wannabes vying to be her for the day, I would choose Sarah Jessica Parker.  I just want to step into her closet and wear her clothes, especially her manolo blahniks!  A girl can dream. The ultimate dream of a girl who still loves to play dress-up.

Of course, I would only want to live it up for one day and not a second more because I would miss my babies and the love of my life too much for words.  But sometimes it is nice to get away, just for a day!

Need more? I know you do. You’ll have to come back on Monday when she guest posts for me. We are going to find out what her take on Life and Motherhood is, as a special post for Mother’s Day. I can’t wait, can you? 
Make sure you stop by The Practical Mom Guide and show her some love today.
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20 thoughts on “>Best Scoop of the Week- A Little Ellen Never Hurt Anyone

  1. >I hear ya on Ellen. She's just so all around cool! And she seems to down to earth and relateable, and just wants to have fun.I'm your newest follower!

  2. >I saw that Miss Practical Mom featured you and had to stop by to say Holla!!! Oh love your choices for being someone else for a day…Ellen is just so funny and she dances all day so how awesome is that and Sarah's shoes ummmm yes!!!! Happy Mother's day!

  3. >Hey I'm a big Ellen fan myself. She's so kind to the contestants on American Idol that who wouldn't like her. Uh, I saw Jessica Parker in real life and…no so much. Anyway I'm your new follower from the FF blog hop. Hope you come visit my blog and follow me too? Thanks – now let me go visit the JLW site you're raving about.http://hauplight.blogspot.com/

  4. >I love the Practical Mom, great choice! And loving your blog too – will be following you as "Jack and Alex" – since my login is connected to an old blog. Too technically incapable to fix it!Peryl @ parenting ad absurdum

  5. >Thanks so much for featuring me:) I am so excited. Happy Mother's Day to me:) Oh, and happy Mother's Day to you to! I hope you have an amazing weekend!

  6. >Just visiting from Friday Follow. When you get a chance, swing by my place and check out some great giveaways! Have a great weekend!Kelwww.betweenthelines-kel.com

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