>Random Poop

>Today I sit here ignoring my whiney 2.5 yr old who is mad at me because I took his shoe off, refusing to let me take the other off, and just melting down all together. I think maybe a time out is in order….go grab your popcorn. This is gonna be good.

Ok. I have 2 minutes of peace and quiet. I better be fast….

Look up. Do you see? I have 140 followers, and my FIRST MALE FOLLOWER.  And I checked out his blog too. Do you know, he is funny? And not in that its-a-man-thing-women-wouldn’t-understand kinda way either. Maybe he is funny in general since he is a man, and well, men are just funny creatures to start with. Either way, I’m glad he found me because I’m going to enjoy his perspective. A woman can never have enough of that. He even sums up the entire male species in his blog title: Men Are Dumb.

You know, last night I was so excited. I had this whole blog post planned out. Then, I get online this morning, and I see, ta-da!!! My first male follower AND 140 followers now, and got extra excited.

Why did I get so excited last night?

For those who have been following along, you already know about Scooby’s speech delay. (For those just joining in, you can catch up here and here.) He’s recently had a language explosion though, and while there is still A LOT of Scoobish, there’s a little more English, too. There are certain things I have been dying waiting to hear him say. Last night, all on his own, he said the one I have been wanting to hear forever. Can you guess what it is?

“I wub you.”

“I wub you”. I’m still a puddle on the floor. I don’t think they make a mop big enough to clean up the mess that is my melted heart. This is a job Shamwow couldn’t even handle.

Who knew those 3 little words spoken from the sweet lips of my little boy would affect me so much? This one moment will be forever in my heart. (Cue in the sound of Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable).

Oh, were you wondering about that timeout thing?
No worries. This is the after.

9 thoughts on “>Random Poop

  1. >So sweet :)I can't imagine how awesome that must feel!I don't know who my followers are, or even how many I have. I'm still not well-versed in WordPress. I think I have a few though, bc people tend to comment soon after I post.Mostly women comment. I think women are just more into commenting, bc I know a bunch of my guy friends read my bog regularly. no comments though haha.

  2. >Hey there! Thanks for visiting my blog. I don't have any male followers…I'd be excited to get one, too! I am definitely going to follow your blog…between the cuteness, the kiddo so close in age to my own, and the talk of speech and language, you are right up my alley! Happy Monday! 🙂

  3. >That looks like a pretty comfortable time out. I think I'm gonna have me some time outs like that – but with a glass of wine and a book.Isn't that the best? I wub you! Over the years as he writes on the walls and breaks windows and wrecks the car, try to remember this moment. It'll help … 🙂

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