>Not Your Average Steak

>If you are ever passing through Fredericksburg, Va. make sure you are hungry. You absolutely must stop and dine at a little place called Sully’s Seafood and Steak.

Jellybean was at a sleepover party so GC and I took Scooby out to eat. GC suggested this restaurant as he has heard glowing reviews. We enter the restaurant and the hostess greets us immediately. The decor is tasteful and inviting. The restaurant is not overly crowded so we are seated right away. The waitress comes immediately to help us settle in our seats, asks if we need a high chair, and takes our drink order. She dutifully returns with our drinks and chats with us for a minute or two then places our appetizer order immediately (we ordered onion straws. I did think that as an appetizer, the portion was a bit small). GC decided that Scooby’s food should come first, so she ran off to put his order in as well (are you seeing a pattern here?). I am not a seafood eater, and I always get chicken. But, this is a seafood and steak house. I’m expecting some good steak. I order the 12 oz ribeye upon the suggestion of 3 staff members.

Have you ever heard that a good steak needs no sauce? Yep. Uhm hmmm. It was THAT good. It was so tender, it melted in my mouth. I felt like I was eating in slow motion just so I could savor each and every juicy, delicate bite.

The meals came with a choice of 2 sides. GC chose a vegetable blend and cole slaw. He made a fatal mistake. Scooby had himself a taste of the cole slaw, and that was all she wrote. Now, in order to understand, you need to know that Scooby loves to share food. He will share his as much as he will share yours. I mean it’s almost like his motto. But this coleslaw? It was like trying to steal a binky from a baby. He grabbed the little bowl and held it close. He cradled it. He sang to it. He puckered his lips and tried to kiss it eat straight from the bowl so he wouldn’t have to put it down. He was having NO part of the bowl being set on the table, nor was he sharing. It was, and I quote, “Mine!!”. He demolished that coleslaw like he was a wrecking ball on a mission. Only once the bowl was empty did he finally give it up. I thought I was going to have to start tucking it in at night alongside his Tigger and blanket!

We finish eating, and receive the bill. It was a pleasant surprise that it was lower then we thought it would be, costing us about the same as it would had we gone someplace like Olive Garden or TGI Friday’s instead. We leave with filled bellies, satisfied palates, and smiles on our faces. This will find itself at permanent residency on our Top 3 list. You really must treat yourself next time you are passing through.

Sometimes I think life is like that steak. I go on about my day… ordinary, simple, expected. But every once in awhile, when I least expect it, and need it the most, things change up a little bit. Things actually go the way they are supposed to, and you get to savor the deliciousness. You slow down, let the wind blow through your hair and lift your face to the breeze. Your heart sings. Your spirit soars, and you embrace the moment. When it is gone, you can still distinctly remember the taste on your tongue. And it is good.

Are you drooling yet? I haven’t stopped drooling since Friday, when three pugs & a baby stopped in as the featured blog and left us with a little somethin-somethin for the weekend. She is returning tomorrow as a guest blogger. I have a feeling my mental palate will be as satisfied as my eating palate was on Saturday night. Stop in to see what she has to say.

Do you ever have “steak” days? Leave me a comment and tell me about them.


5 thoughts on “>Not Your Average Steak

  1. >Man I meant to comment the other day, but I think I fell asleep in front of my net book and dreamed about commenting instead LOL. You live in Fredericksburg!!!! No flipping way!!! I lived there like.. um well… 3 years ago!!! We still live in Va too just outside of Manassas (but only if you drive down a SCARY mountain road!). What a small world!!!!

  2. >You live in Fredericksburg?? COOL! I went to Mary Wash for a semester! (before transfering to Cancun, of course)I had a steak day today. My department just moved to the 5th floor of our office building. My desk is right by the window, and I have a great panoramic view of the jungle and the lagoon, with Cancun's Hotel Zone on the horizon. It makes me happy whenever i swivel my chair.

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