>And the Best Scoop of the Week is….


Friday is finally here. I am SO excited. Let me tell you why. Today is the first day I feature another blog. And I’m so super excited about this blog. 

Three Pugs & a Baby

Jenn will make you laugh til your sides hurt. She will make you drool with her delectable temptations. She’s like the sunshine that bursts through the clouds after a downpour of rain. She’s a mom, a wife, a writer. She is a Dolphins fan married to a die-hard Jets fan. She is 100% Drama Mama approved. Scoop seal of satisfaction and all. Lastly, she is a superwoman. I’ll let her tell you more about her superpower

“It’s kind of funny that The Drama Mama asked me to share my thoughts on the superpower I would want and what I would do with it.

Just the other night, MacGyver and I were watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and I made the comment that if I was Wolverine’s love interest (I never did catch her name), I would be pretty darn pissed. After all, everyone else had super cool power – like wolverine talons sprouting from knuckles, or the ability to keep a lightbulb powered without electricity.

And all she had was, essentially, the power of persuasion.

It falls a little flat, in comparison.

But then, as I pondered The Drama Mama’s challenge, I changed my mind. I mean, it would be super cool to fly or shoot fire from my eyes, but that could get old really fast. And can you imagine all the “friends” who would come crawling out of the Facebook woodwork?

“Hey, my boss pissed me off. Can you shoot fire from your eyes at him?”

“Listen, my husband is really annoying me. I bet if you shot fire from your eyes, he would step up.”

“I know we didn’t really get along in high school, but I heard you can shoot fire from your eyes. Can you show me?”

And that would just be all kind of awkward.

But the power of persuasion… The ability to convince someone to do something with just a touch of your hand or a long glance.

Can you imagine?

So that’s what I would want. If for no other reason than to be able to put my hand on MacGyver’s shoulder and say “Greg Camarillo is your bromance. Rex Ryan makes you physically ill. The color gan-green makes you nauseous. And you love singing the Miami Dolphins #1 song at every given opportunity.” And have him believe me.

Also, it would be really handy for tantrums and political debates.

And now you know.

The Drama Mama also asked me to direct you all to a few of my favorite posts from three pugs & a baby.

Here they are, in no particular order:

how i finally justified a pair of christian louboutins

the 30 day shred: day 1

the amazing appliance fairies

So there you have it!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, indeed. Thanks, Jenn! You know you are hooked, so go on over and check her out.

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Want to read more from Jenn on The Scoop on Poop? Make sure you come back on Tuesday and read what she has to say about “life” and “rollercoasters”.
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  1. >Happy Friday Follow, I am a new follower. I am so glad to have found your blog! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!EloiseMommy2TwoGirlshttp://mommy2twogirls.blogspot.com/

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