>Post It Note Tuesday-Story Time


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10 thoughts on “>Post It Note Tuesday-Story Time

  1. >Oh my goodness! We're buried in birthday cake right now. Two of my children had birthdays last week which means two cakes. Twice the amount of sugar. Doubly wound up kids. lol I hope the sleepover went well. Happy birthday to your little diva!Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama

  2. >I would have done the same thing, I think, especially if I got any kind of sob story about why they closed. Man, I never had a two-cake birthday… and boys! Never had those, either.Paloma had a two cake birthday for her first one, but that's because we had vegans coming!

  3. >Mmm cake, I need me some cake now. This is the freebie addict. I got your comment, decided to post through my other blog and follow. 😉 I haven't forgotten ya, I'm still here – reading the poop.

  4. >Wow, a sleepover with boys. I think that's a girl thing because Javi would flip out if girls showed up at his birthday party. He needs a good girl friend, though.Anyway, I hope we'll see photos of this diva cake, esp considering you've launched cake wars!

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