>Coming Soon!!! Featured Blogs and Guest Blogging

>The Drama Mama will be featuring blogs every Friday, starting this Friday. This means if I feature you, you get a chance to guest blog, AND since I participate in Friday Follow, it could mean a bunch of new followers for you!!! Yeah, that’s right, and who DOESN’T want followers?

How do you get your blog featured?
1. Shoot me an email: thedramamamaanswers@gmail.com
2. Link me up to 2 or 3 (or more) of your favorite or most popular blog posts.
3. Give me topics of interest that you would like to write about as a guest blogger.
4. Tell me which blog post on the Scoop on Poop is your favorite.
5. Become a follower, if you’d like. It’s not a requirement, but I will be featuring blogs of followers in appreciation of their support. And, I follow in return.

In the coming weeks, you can also look forward to guest blogging. Woot! Is it getting crazy around here or is it just me??

Party on, folks.


6 thoughts on “>Coming Soon!!! Featured Blogs and Guest Blogging

  1. >Thanks for stopping by my blog last week on my "thankful" post! You have some awesome things to be thankful for!!And the guest blogging is a great ideA!

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