>Feel Good Friday-A Feel Good Kinda Week

>What’s feel good friday, you ask? Hop on over to The Girl Next Door Grows Up and choose a prompt. Write your post, then link up and leave a comment. It’s THAT easy, and you will be SO glad you did!!

I’ve had a feel good kinda week, so it’s very difficult for me to narrow it down.

~First, I spilled the beans, and ya’ll still loved me anyway.
~I celebrated my 1st anniversary. We had a date night, and I shared some pictures.
~Scooby had speech therapy again this week, and he is saying 2 and 3 word combinations. Yay! Even if they aren’t a proper sentence, and don’t always come in the right order, I’m still bursting with pride.
~It’s SPRING!! Buh-bye, winter. Have a loooooooooooong sleep.
~No one pranked me yesterday. For the first time in a very, very long time, no one pranked me. That is a successful April Fools Day.

Now, it’s your turn. What makes you feel good today?


7 thoughts on “>Feel Good Friday-A Feel Good Kinda Week

  1. >I'm from FGF and what makes me happy today is that I jumped in to do Script Frenzy.org and I think scrip writing is a fit for me. I am so happy. Now I can watch gazillions of movies and its all research. woo hoo.

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