>The Real Poop-Drama’s Thursday Confessional

I skipped this one last week (shame on me!), but I really need to confess my sins this week. You can take a number or butt to the front of the line (and confess it later), but I’m going first.

The Confessional is now open.

1. I feel like I am busy all day long, but when I look back at the end of the day, I couldn’t tell you what it was that I was so busy with.
2. I feel like a first time parent with this puppy business. They really should come with manuals.
3. I think Tim Urban is the next to go on American Idol. Speaking of, I still think almost all of them remind me of someone already famous. I still really like Big Mike, but there are others showing more skills-like Crystal Bowersox (reminds me of Jewel), Siobhan (reminds me of Martina McBride), and Aaron Kelly. Even with a case of tonsillitis that boy sounded fantastic. My least favorite is Katie Stevens.
4. Despite the controversy, I still think it’s funny. That’s all I’m saying. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
5. I am so glad the science fair is over. Life can go back to normal now.

That’s it for me this week. Who’s next? (p.s. your secrets are safe with me. who am I gonna tell?)

Oh yeah, while I’ve got your attention, hop on down to Coming Soon and ask me anything. If you are in a creative mood, hop on down to Never Ending Story Saturday and add the next segment of the story. Poor puppy’s never going to have that party!


5 thoughts on “>The Real Poop-Drama’s Thursday Confessional

  1. >I like Big Mike a lot, but I'm not sure who his market would be if he were American Idol. His songs are kinda for old people! He might end up like Ruben Studdard… talented, but without much of a market.I loooove Siobhan, I like Crystal and Aaron, and I keep hoping they'll bring back Alex!Can't stand Katie, either. The rest are just ok to me.

  2. >Being busy all day and not knowing what you accomplished: I've felt that way.Thanks for coming by my spot and commenting. I do think there are certain things that are easier and harder with both sexes. We'll see once (if) I have a son!I just dont see why people wanna demonize lil girls!

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