>Feel Good Friday


Welcome to Feel Good Friday, hosted by The Girl Next Door Grows Up!! Sometimes we all just need to take a moment to reflect over things that made us feel good each week. The Girl had a great idea for that, and picked Fridays to do it!! If you want to participate, it’s REALLY easy! Just head on over to The Girl Next Door Grows Up, choose your prompt, and link up. Make sure you leave a comment, too.

This week was a long week. There were good parts, okay parts, and some not so good parts. Isn’t that the way it usually goes? So, I’m choosing to make a list of 5 things that were good this week, since I REALLY need the boost.

1. My house is CLEAN. I mean, serve you dinner on the floor, drop a pacifer on the carpet CLEAN. Even my carpets got a much needed cleaning. It’s sparkly and pretty and I’m so relaxed as a result.
2. I have THE.BEST.SIL.EVER. She came over and tackled the house with me. It was so much easier with two! She even came over when I wasn’t home and cleaned my living room carpet because I am allergic to bleach and she wanted to make it look like new again. It’s the most used area of my house, so it was a great surprise to come home and see it looking so new!
3. Finally had a meeting with Jellybean’s school and got her on a better working system to suit her ADHD and behavioral needs. This is definitely a good thing!
4. A puppy. What more can I say? Puppies (and kittens) bring a whole new brand of happiness into your life. There’s absolutely no therapy like puppy therapy. (by request I have added pictures. Pup’s name is Zeus, he’s a little min pin and a whole lotta pug.)

5. Scooby Doo had some firsts this week. He had his first speech language session, and is doing some very good repition. He went to his first circus, which was a bomb, but it was still fun to watch his reactions. He also made got his first girlfriend this week. It’s too cute to watch him ask her for kisses constantly, and even put his arm around her on a toy car ride they shared.


9 thoughts on “>Feel Good Friday

  1. >oh what a sweet puppy!!! awwwww!We have been spring cleaning here, purging old toys getting rid of some of the winter art projects! It is soooo nice or well it will be Wednesday after the trash men come!!

  2. >Hi there (again). Thanks for the comment on my blog (about the yummy feel good foods I ate this past week). I don't know your email address, so I can only reply this way. Obviously you are more into "salty" treats… while I am a sweets girl! To each their own though. Good luck eating some yummy chips this weekend! My son is a fan of Doritos Cheeseburger-flavored chips. They smell awful to me! But again… to each their own!

  3. >Oh, to have a clean house. I've had a friend come over and help clean before. what a blessing!! that is an adorable puppy!! Very cool about the kids.~Mimi @ Woven by Words

  4. >Oh the cuteness. Those little puppy eyes. OH my. Isn't the therapeutic value of a clean house AMAZING? Not that I get the opportunity to enjoy it for more than 20 min before it unravels again :)Stopping by from SITS. Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. >Omg too adorable. The puppy steals the show with these pics. I love a clean house. I spent yesterday cleaning and love it. No shampooed carpets yet. That would be heavenly.Now today, I cook. Wha?

  6. >YOU GOT A PUPPY!!!!!!!WHat kind? Post pics please!!!Bye bye clean house 😦 No, not really. OK yes really. Mine track in that good ol springtime mud – yikes! Luckily they have learned to sit and wait for me to wipes their paws before entering!Have a super weekend!!!!

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