>Share the Love

Ashley over at As a Matter of Opinion was on an award roll today. She received several awards (and rightly so!Congrats to you Ashley!) and shared the love with US!! She has awarded the Poop with the Sunshine Award, and even though I don’t have to, I want to pass it on to a couple of blogs that really do make my days more sunny. (Thanks ever so much, Ashley! I’m glad that I can bring a little sunshine somewhere.). There’s no rules attached to accepting this award, so the choice is theirs to spread it around or just enjoy it for themselves.

The Transient Pod makes me smile every time I visit her blog. You should check it out. She’s also got a fabulous Friday Meme worth checking out too.
Live and Love…Out Loud. I just love this fresh mommy voice, not afraid to tell it like it is. I just start smiling from the moment I read her first sentence!


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