>Into every carpet, a little p must go.

>Do toddlers have a 6th sense about things already?

Today was Phase 1 of much needed spring cleaning in my home. My sister-in-law joined me in my cleaning party while my brother watched Scooby (who is 2) and Jellybean (who is so close to 10 she can taste it). We start in Scooby’s room. Rearrange it all pretty, toss out the toys he is too big for now, organize his closet, clean out his drawers and box up anything he can’t wear anymore for Goodwill. Then, we do the carpet. Man the difference a little shampooed carpet can make to a room!!

When we finished with Phase 1, I had to take my sister-in-law home and pick up my kids. It is of course late, because we took advantage of the girl time (and my brother, who was stuck with 4 kids) and had dinner together, too (it was NICE to have adult conversation over pizza without screaming, obnoxious kids to interrupt us!). The kids and I get home, and I take Scooby to his room to get him ready for bed.

He is in hyper mode. He wants to run around like a maniac in the now empty space that is his bedroom. And he wants to do this naked. Sans clothing. In his birthday suit. Oh but did he get a thrill watching his pee stream across the room, and onto his freshly shampooed carpet!

Does Murphy have a set of laws just for parenting or something?


3 thoughts on “>Into every carpet, a little p must go.

  1. >I believe Murphy does have a special set of laws for us parents. In addition to pee contaminating freshly shampooed carpet, it also includes kds puking right before mom and dad go out on a date, babies tearing important receipts to shreds, etc. lolGreat post! I'm so sorry to hear about your carpet. I'll send someone over. Stat. Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog, commenting and passing on the great award. You're too kind!Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama

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