>Friday Follow sponsored by Tooth Soap

>Friday Follow
Tooth Soap

I had SO much fun with this last week that I decided to do this again this week. I love the new friends I’ve made and the awesome new blogs that I have found and followed!! This is hosted by a trio of fantastic ladies–One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and Midday Escapades! I know you want to play along, especially if you are a new blogger. There’s no better way to get noticed than this one!

Here’s how YOU can join the celebration:
  • Link up your blog name and URL using the MckLinky below – Only need to on one blog to be seen on all the blog hops.
  • Grab the Friday Follow and Sponsor buttons and include both on your Friday Follow blog post
  • Follow the Friday Follow hostesses listed in the first 3 slots
  • Follow as many other blogs on the linky as you’d like
  • Comment on the blogs telling them you’re from Friday Follow
  • Follow back when you get a new follower through Friday Follow

So, come on, what are you waiting for? Sometimes being a follower is a GOOD thing. And don’t worry, I’ll follow you back.

Happy Friday, everyone!

(Don’t forget to link up!)

MckLinky Blog Hop


10 thoughts on “>Friday Follow sponsored by Tooth Soap

  1. >Ok I just realized I left you a comment on the wrong post…I need a nap! Anyway Happy Friday Follow. I love the title of your blog and am a new follower! Hope you have a great weekend! ~Jen~

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