>Feel Good Friday-A Kodak Moment

I absolutely LOVE Feel Good Friday! I think it is a perfect way to end your week, whether it was good or bad. Thanks for inventing this, Girl!! You can participate in Feel Good Friday, too. All you have to do is stop by The Girl Next Door Grows Up and select your prompt. Link up on her blog and leave her a comment. You’ll be glad you did!!

It’s after 8 am. I am splayed out on the table waiting for the final procedures to finish up from my cesarian. My eyes are moist because I had been tearing up out of fear of complications (yeah, yeah I know. You should never google before a procedure. But…I did). My son is born and under the warmer being cleaned and weighed and screaming his head off. G.C. (that’s my hubby, George Clooney) has left my side and gone to the baby. I lay there watching them, love pouring out of my heart for both of them. In the next breath, I see my husband reach down with his pinky finger, speaking softly. The tiniest little hand reaches out, grabs hold of his finger, and holds tight. The room becomes quiet as he takes comfort in his daddy’s voice. Tears flow out of my eyes, and the memory is instantly implanted in my brain. I will remember this moment forever. My heart swelled with so much happiness and love that I thought it would burst.

When I am having a bad day, a bad week, or even just a bad hour, I can bring up this moment, and suddenly all is right in the world again. Thank you, G.C,. for this precious, precious gift. I can’t imagine my life any other way.


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