>The Real Poop-Drama’s Thursday Confessional

>The confessional is open. Come bare your souls, lighten your chests. Take a number and stand in line if you choose, like a good little reader, or follow the voices in your head and butt in line. You can always confess it later. There’s only one rule. I go first…

1. I am tired of G.C. spending money before we actually have it. I get that he is lining up this job and that job, but I’d rather wait until the money is actually in our hands before we spend it.
2. I think I am addicted to Golden Double Stuf’d Oreos (yes, I mentioned these last week). If admitting it is the first step, then why is the second step so hard?
3. The thing I hate most about Spring arriving is that it means I have to start shaving again.
4. I think American Idol sucks this year. All the contestants sound/look like someone we have heard/seen before.
5. I am a lousy, lousy housekeeper. Seriously.

Ok, friends, let ‘er rip!


6 thoughts on “>The Real Poop-Drama’s Thursday Confessional

  1. >I promise you are a better housekeeper than me. Hubby and I were talking about how boring AI would be if it wasn't for Ellen this year. My hubby has a point that really all the guys are pretty good, the girls are mainly karaoke singers except for a few, and no one really has a spark or shining personality. Maybe Simon knows what he is doing by getting out now.

  2. >I am like GC. In fact, as I'm earning money, I'm already spending it. That slapped me in the face when I had our tax refund spent 18 different ways and then found out we're not getting one. Ouch!Also, I keep waiting for AI to get good, but it hasn't happened. I do like Bowersox, but that's it.Also #2, you're right. We have a lot in common! I'm following. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. >I love your new layout! It's great.I confess:I hate unmade beds, too.I hate having to always keep recleaning everything I just cleaned.I hate being sick. I would have more, but I'm exhausted. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. >Hey, I like this one.. As long as I can post here.. I wouldn't want my family reading it,lol.1. I can not stand unmade beds.2. teens are now the 20's, something wrong here.3. food, way to much chocolate temptation in the house. that sweet 16 party was all about chocolate you know. and Now I have it all over the house. Lord help me and the scales.4. I agree with you on American idol.5. Spring yard cleanup is my dislike of spring.Wow, that was good now I can go on with my day in peace.

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