>The Goodbye Kiss

>I have the absolute best children. They are smart, adorable, and blue-eyed. They rock. And they know it. Haha.

This particular bright, lovely, warm and sunny morning (the kind that teases you that spring is coming and then gives you below freezing temps 2 days later) G.C. is on his way out the door. Scooby Doo demands that he give him one more kiss, one more “tuckie” on the sofa, just one more hug. Then, Scooby keeps making his noises indicating he wanted his daddy to come in. He obliges, but Scooby doesn’t want him. What does he want, you ask? We wondered the same thing…

He lays down contentedly against his pillow when he sees his daddy give his momma a goodbye kiss.

Anyone got a mop handy?


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