>Girls Day Out in Wonderland

>Once in a blue moon, Jellybean and I get to spend time with each other, one on one, just like it used to be before G.C. (that’s George Clooney for those just starting to read) and Scooby Doo came along. Today’s adventure consisted of getting a new hairstyle and checking out the latest Tim Burton flick “Alice in Wonderland”.

First, we browsed the internet and picked out some hairstyles like this:

and Jellybean decided she liked this one the best:

This is how it turned out (crappy cellphone picture) :

As for Tim Burton’s vision of Alice in Wonderland….

Powerful. Masterful. Incredible. It wasn’t exactly what you would expect from Tim Burton but yet it was, and even more. The colors were bold and vivid. The characters were unforgettable, from the small Dormouse to the Red Knight. Helena Bonham Carter upstages the masterful Johnny Depp for once. Her portrayal of the Red Queen is fantastic and believable. Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter is masterful as well. There was not one part of this movie that was mismatched. This is a must-see movie. People cite it as a dark rendition, however, I did not find it to be so dark. It’s different, and perhaps not the sweet sappy animated Wonderland Disney created so many years ago, but it is just as delightful, even more colorful, and just as memorable. There are a couple of scenes that might be a little rough for a smaller child (Alice crosses the moat to the Red Queen castle using the decapitated heads as stepping stones, still very tastefully done, but perhaps not quite preschooler appropriate, some moments that could make you jump), but overall it was a fascinating movie, enrapturing all the viewers in the theater. There were even humorous moments in just the right places. I must go back and see this one again in 3-D before it leaves the theater. Excellent again, Tim Burton. 4.5 stars.


5 thoughts on “>Girls Day Out in Wonderland

  1. >I did not know that!! That's so interesting. I do love that Tim Burton is faithful to both Carter and Depp in his moviemaking. I don't think at this point that it would be authentic if those two were not in it. Thanks for the update! I wonder why they live in 2 different houses?!?

  2. >Can't wait to see that! Our closest movie theatre is 45 minutes away though 😦 But we're moving at the end of the month and it will likely be playing at our next location still. I have GOT to catch it before it goes out of theatres. Your review has made me SO much more excited for it!

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